Are you concerned that you have been overcharged by your solicitors?

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Check My Legal Fees

Who are Check My Legal Fees?

Check My Legal Fees was founded in 2015 in direct response to changes in how solicitors handle your legal fees. We act as consumer champions, protecting you against unnecessary legal costs and ensuring you never pay out more than is fair. Whether you're unsure if the bills you're paying are correct or your solicitor has taken a significant chunk of your compensation, our five-star-rated team at Check My Legal Fees is here to give you the fair service you deserve.

Our extensive experience going head-to-head with well-known solicitors and legal companies makes us your ideal partner to bring the balance back to solicitor fees. We've worked on big-name cases across the country because we know that receiving the proper compensation shouldn't just be a benefit – it's your right.

Find out if your solicitor has overcharged you

If you've made a claim or had legal support since 2013, check your legal fees now to determine how much money you're owed.

Why use Check My Legal Fees?

Claiming against a qualified, educated solicitor can be a daunting task. Luckily, our team understands the law just as well as they do, and we have the expertise and skill to fight your case fairly. If you're entitled to more of your compensation, or you've been billed unfairly for services, our team will ensure you receive what you’re owed. We're also transparent about payment, with our fees taken from solicitors in most cases and fair fees charged in others with your full permission and knowledge.

Whether you have concerns about what you've paid or your compensation settlement doesn't look quite right, let Check My Legal Fees take a closer look. With hundreds of happy customers already using our services, you might be entitled to a cash refund.