How to challenge solicitors fees

Challenging your solicitor’s fees can be daunting when you have no information as to how to the process works.

To help you consider whether to challenge the level of your solicitor’s fees over overcharging we have collected together guides and information to explain how solicitor’s fees are challenged, and how solicitors charge their clients.

If you are considering challenging your solicitor’s fees please review our
A full Guide to Assessment under the Solicitors Act 1974

If you require further advice or assistance with your solicitor overcharging please give us a call 0800 689 5183.

The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal has described letters sent to clients by failed Bolton law firm Asons as “disgraceful” and “self-serving”.
‘Byzantine’ Solicitors Act fails to give clarity to clients of law firms on precisely how and when they can query what they are charged.
Master Gordon-Saker, the Senior Costs Judge, speaking at the Civil Justice Council seminar on the government’s post-implementation review of part 2 of... would be wrong, in my view, for Scott Rees to rely upon whatever deficiencies there are in their own accounting system in order to prolong the p...
An immigration solicitor told a client an advocate's fee was five times higher than it really was and pocketed the difference in an 'appalling case' h...

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