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The Law Society Gazette recognises the rights of our clients to question their legal fees

PI firms must answer this: if injured claimants deserved access to justice for one grievance, why should they be denied access when they want to pursue another?

Law Society Gazette, 02/02/18

We have been heavily criticised in recent months by some personal injury solicitors for standing up for the rights of our clients who have been overcharged. Clients have had their share of criticism as well, being called "odious" for daring to question the fees that have been taken from their damages.

But in a interesting commentary piece by John Hyde, the Law Society Gazette (the official publication of record to solicitors in England and Wales since 1903) recognises that our clients have every right to pursue their claims.

Rest assured we will continue to fight to ensure that our clients pay legal fees that are fair and reasonable, and that comply with all of the relevant rules, no matter what tactics PI solicitors use to try and stop us.

The full article can be found here.

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