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Whether you're currently undergoing the divorce process or you're still figuring out costs from a completed divorce, making sense of monthly bills can be a challenge. Regardless of how your solicitor is charging you, you're entitled to a detailed bill – and you should never be paying more than the reasonable rate for a solicitor's services. That's where Check My Legal Fees can help. Here's how it works for you:
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Case study

Ruksaana approached Check My Legal Fees after suspecting she was being overcharged for divorce services by Austin Kemp Solicitors Limited. Important elements such as the name of her solicitor and their hourly rate were omitted from the documentation, leaving her with little idea about what was a reasonable bill. Austin Kept took steps to sue Ruksaana for unpaid bills of £14,601.03, including interest. We defended these proceedings on her behalf and the court agreed with us that Austin Kemp had overcharged by over £8000, leading to a reduced bill for our client following assessment.


How much do solicitors charge for a divorce?
There is no single rule for what solicitors charge for divorce proceedings, but the amount you pay should always be fair and reasonable. If you're concerned you've been overcharged for divorce fees, speaking to our team is the best place to start.