Have I been overcharged for my divorce legal fees?

Has your solicitor overcharged you for divorce fees?

Keeping track of legal fees during divorce proceedings can be very difficult at what is already a traumatic time.

In many case bills seem to arrive with alarming regularity, sometimes at the same time as requests for “payment on account” or retainers, and there is no way of checking whether the work done was reasonable or even necessary.

Whether you are in the middle of proceedings and worried about mounting bills (or being asked to approve them for the purposes of a funding loan agreement), or have reached the end of your case and are now being asked to pay a balance that seems too high, we can help.

You are entitled to a detailed bill in order to check your legal fees and, subject to certain time limits, there is statutory provision under the Solicitors Act 1974 for the court to determine what amount the solicitors ought to have charged.

You can see some of the wins that we have had in divorce cases here.

We can act either on an hourly rate or a “no win, no fee” basis depending on the particular circumstances.

If you would like us to check your legal fees please email us via info@checkmylegalfees.co.uk or complete the form below:

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