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Legal fees can be confusing for the average person. Suppose you're receiving monthly bills for legal costs in ongoing litigation, or you suspect you've overpaid past litigation fees. In that case, you're not only allowed a detailed breakdown of your costs – you may also be entitled to some of that money as a refund. As specialist legal cost experts, we can determine whether you've overpaid on litigation fees with complete transparency. Here's how it works:
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Case study

Mr and Mrs Lane found themselves in a legal dispute and instructed the solicitors Family Plus to represent them in that case. Despite an initial estimation, the costs that the elderly couple faced following initial communication have somehow nearly doubled. With the insurance company disputing the fees, solicitors asked the Lanes to make payment instead, eventually suing the couple for £30,000. After failure for support from another solicitor, our team stepped in and defended the couple, resulting in the solicitor's fees returning to the insurers and saving Mr and Mrs Lane the stress, upset and high costs from litigation overcharging.


How much do solicitors charge for litigation?
Theirs is no set amount that a solicitor can charge for litigation, but it's vital that they are clear up-front about their fees and the costs you will face. We believe that your costs should be reasonable and transparent no matter what, and our team helps to ensure you receive that standard of service.