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Have you been dealing with a legal case yourself?

If you have, and either someone has been ordered to pay your costs, or you have been ordered to pay your opponent’s costs, we can help with the process of drawing a bill for you to comply with the court’s assessment procedure, or dealing with “Points of Dispute” if you have received a bill from your opponent.

In most cases, we can deal with this on either a fixed fee or no win, no fee basis.

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Case study

Miss Chaudhry and Miss Sarwar, from Reading, were both involved in a serious road traffic accident on Christmas Day, 2013. As a result of a vehicle losing control on a country lane, Miss Sarwar was placed into a 24-hour induced coma, while Miss Chaudry suffered injuries to her left arm, face and teeth. While the two accepted an offer of £120,000 each, deductions from GW Lawyer led to an underpayment of more than £27,000. We issued proceedings in response to this overcharge, ensuring both parties received fair compensation for the accident with no illegal fees attached.


How much money will I receive?
The amount of money you receive will depend on what deductions your solicitors made at the time of compensation and whether that deduction is fair.