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Probate solicitor fees can be variable, leading to confusion over what has been charged and why when the estate accounts are finished. Whether you're currently involved in a probate case, or you've been involved in one in the past, you may have been overcharged for services, and you may be entitled to a portion of your payment back as a refund. Here's how it works:
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Case study

A former client of BPS Law LLP approached us after receiving only around £5000 of a £13,000 inheritance thanks to the overcharging of legal fees. Following our investigation into the costs charged, we found that the success fee charged was 123% of base costs, a significant amount over the maximum allowed with current legislation. After several months, we were able to settle the case and provide our client with a £2300 refund, plus payment of all legal fees.


How much do solicitors charge for probate?
Probate fees can greatly vary depending on the money and legal complications involved in a case. However, these costs should always be up-front and fair, and you should never be charged an unreasonable amount for services.