Cash refunds for overcharged Slater & Gordon clients

Check My Legal Fees

Recover overpaid legal costs

If you are a client of Slater & Gordon, it is possible you’ve been overcharged for legal services relating to personal injury, road traffic accidents or workplace injury. As specialists in challenging the deductions of one of the UK's largest legal firms, Check My Legal Fees is here to ensure you receive fair payment for your claim. Here's how it works:

How it works
Fill out our "check my legal fees" form
Find out if you might be owed money
Accept our transparent conditions of service and receive your money if we win your case

Case study

In 2020 Rebecca Piper, sister of Ian, approached Check My Legal Fees regarding a claim following his tragic death. In 2016, Ian was involved in a road traffic accident while stationary on the M5, leading to physical back and neck injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder, leaving him unable to work. After his death, Rebecca received £60,000 for his estate, with a deduction of £4052.35. Our team made a case against Slater and Gordon's poor treatment of Ian, with no time for informed consent upon sign-up, leading to a full refund for his estate.


Can you help me with my Slater & Gordon case?
As specialists with a strong track record of supporting clients after representation by Slater & Gordon, our team has the knowledge and skill to help you through the process and claim the full compensation you deserve.