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A lovely testimonial from Mr & Mrs.Lane following resolution of a legal expenses insurance dispute

We used when we were in dispute with our Solicitors over their fees. This had been an ongoing dispute between our Solicitor and our Insurance Company, with us being in the middle. After four years of nothing happening it finally came to a head which is when got involved. Not only did they answer any questions we had, they also were quick to resolve any issues that were raised. is an outstanding company. We have finally got settlement. If you have a problem with legal fees we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this company, to family, friends or anybody having a query over their solicitor.

Peter and Sally Lane

Mr & Mrs Lane got into a legal dispute and, through a "before the event" legal expenses insurance policy with Family Plus, instructed solicitors to represent them. At the end of the case the solicitors fees had nearly doubled from the initial estimate and communication between the insurance company, the solicitors and the elderly couple had nearly broken down. The insurance company disputed the solicitors' fees and the solicitors wanted payment from the Lanes instead, who were very much stuck in no-man's land. Costs were rising and the couple had been served with legal proceedings for the costs of the dispute that should have been paid by the insurance company. They were sued for £30,000 and were left to deal with those proceedings by themselves, the new solicitors who were appointed by the insurers to deal with the costs dispute having suddenly declined to act because of what they described as a commercial conflict of interest. We helped the Lanes defend the claim, got the insurance company involved and the case settled for a lesser sum, with the first solicitors' fees quite rightly being met by the insurers.

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