Another happy client, using his refund to put towards a deposit on a new house

AdobeStock_142953757 Mr.Brazington received over £2,300

I found the process very simple and effective. I had to put in minimal effort as Kerry-Anne Moore handled everything which made the whole process very simple (on my side of things anyway). I have dealt with 3 separate solicitors in relation to the car accident I had and all the things that were a chain effect from this and Kerry-Anne was by far the best, most down to earth and actually communicated well with me.

A lot of people said I was stupid for trying to challenge a solicitor, however Kerry-Anne gave me confidence that what we were doing was the right thing and that we would get a good result.

I will be using my refund to put towards a deposit on a house. This refund has saved me probably over a years worth of saving so I am very grateful to Kerry-Anne Moore and checkmylegalfees!

by Aaron Brazington

​Further details of Mr.Brazington's case can be found in the link below

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