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Solicitor prevented from charging for his time spent as an executor because of absence of an express charging clause under a will.

Article by our Jack Beckett Brealey v Shepherd & Co Solicitors [2024] EWCA Civ 303 (26 March 2024) Background to the Appeal This case was a second...

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Mark Carlisle

Mark is founder of He started his career in legal costs in 1987 at a firm in Buckinghamshire and set up his own Law Costs Drafti...

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Richard Slade

Richard Slade has been a litigation solicitor in London since 1993. He founded the firm of Richard Slade & Co in 2008 and moved it to its pre...

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Thomas West

Thomas West trained with Richard Slade and Company, qualified in 2010 and, as well as dealing with legal fees disputes, is now a key member of th...

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Dimitra Tannou

Dimitra Tannou is a Greek-qualified lawyer registered with the Bar Association of Thessaloniki and an English solicitor. Alongside legal fee disputes&...

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