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Erlam v Edmonds Marshall McMahon Limited : Court finds entitlement to assessment of what the solicitors had argued were "interim statute bills" and therefore out of time for assessment

We are really pleased to be able to publish the approved transcript of this judgment, given by Master Brown in the Senior Courts Costs Office in&...

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Andrew Erlam -v- Richard Slade & Company Plc : Court Orders delivery of a Statute Bill

We reported in November on the outcome of this case here and are pleased to now be able to publish the approved transcript of the full judgm...

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Andy Erlam - Disputing legal fees following a Petition in the Election Court

Transparency and reasonableness amongst lawyers are crucial to maintain public confidence. Checkmylegalfees and barrister Robin Dunne have provided an...

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Firm ordered to deliver new costs bill to Tower Hamlets campaigner | News | Law Society Gazette

The Law Society Gazette reports on the case in which we represented Mr.Erlam.

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Andrew Erlam -v- Richard Slade and Company Plc : A victory for transparency and fairness

A breakthrough for our client, Andrew Erlam, yesterday in his fight for scrutiny by the Courts of the legal fees arising out of th...

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