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Mark Carlisle

Mark is founder of He started his career in legal costs in 1987 at a firm in Buckinghamshire and set up his own Law Costs Drafti...

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Nigel Allison -v- Garvins LLP : Refund of £833.10 Success Fee

Nigel's claim settled in just over a month

The companies I've had to deal with this past year regarding my insurance claim would I believe benefit massively by learning from your direct, h...

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Hall -v- Curtis Law : success fee refunds following Road Traffic Accident Cases

My refund came just in time for my birthday and the Christmas period

Mother and daughter Gillian and Ellie Hall were stationary in Gillian's car on 24th December 2017 when the car in front of them reversed without warni...

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Ruksaana Schutt -v- Austin Kemp Solicitors Ltd - 21st August 2019 : Legal fees on divorce reduced by more than £8,000

Court finds client overcharged by more than £8,000

Following a hearing in the High Court in Sheffield, one happy customer has declared that she is delighted with the outcome of her assessment of her di...

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Cowell -v- Thorneycroft Solicitors Limited : £613.75 ordered to be refunded

I'm not really sure I know what I will be spending my refund on...but I'm sure my children do!

CFA found to be a "CFA lite" and success fee reduced to 15% Check my legal fee are very professional. I found the process easy. Kerry Anne w...

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