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Din Solicitors, Halifax - refunds of £2,133.60 in legal fees for three clients involved in a road traffic accident

In three cases settled in August 2019 against Din & Associates Limited (trading as Din Solicitors) of Halifax, we were able to secure refunds of £2,133.60 when it emerged that the solicitors had deducted legal fees from our clients' compensation which were not accounted for by the solicitors' own bills.

Our clients were all involved in a road traffic accident on 5th January 2017, following which they instructed Din Solicitors who acted for each of them under a Conditional Fee Agreement (often referred to as a "no win no fee agreement").

When the cases came to an end in around February 2018 Din Solicitors deducted amounts from each client's compensation but our clients were concerned that the amounts were too high. They instructed us in May 2019 and we were quickly able to resolve matters by obtaining from Din Solicitors their formal bills, which ought to have been delivered to each client at the conclusion of the original claim.

We were quickly able to establish that Din Solicitors had charged more than even their own bills allowed, and - following the threat of applications under an obscure part of the Civil Procedure Rules - were able to persuade Din Solicitors to refund the overcharged amount.

They also paid our costs, so our clients received their refunds in full.

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