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Double Refund of Success Fees for Former Clients of Lyons Davidson Solicitors

We have secured a total of £6,350.00 in refunds for two former Clients of Bristol based personal injury firm, Lyons Davidson Solicitors.

We represented Mr Holman, and Mr Chami who instructed us to represent them refund claims against Lyons Davidson in relation to the success fees that were deducted from their compensation following personal injury claims.

 Mr.Chami's Accident at Work Case

"I would 100% recommend this company. From start to finish the process was straight forward and I received constant advice along the way. Thank you very much"

Mr.Chami, on receiving his refund

Mr Chami, from London instructed us in June 2020 and we wrote to Lyons Davidson shortly after requesting the delivery of their statute bill. Mr Chami had recovered £30,000 in compensation from his opponent following an accident at work but saw £7,500.00 of that deducted from his compensation to pay his Solicitors success fee.

Unfortunately, Lyons Davidson,chose not to deliver a statute bill, and we were required to commence proceedings under s.68 Solicitors Act for delivery of a compliant statute bill.

Prior to the hearing, Lyons Davidson conceded the application and duly delivered their final statute bill.

A pre-issue offer was made to Lyons Davidson to reduced their basic charges in line with what was recovered from the opponent, however a settlement was not concluded and proceedings under s70 Solicitors Act were required in order to protect our client's right to assessment.

Shortly after a directions hearing, Lyons Davidson made an all-inclusive offer to settle Mr Chami's case for a refund and our legal costs. This offer was rejected by Mr Chami, who accepted our advice that it was too low.

We received a further offer from Lyons Davidson to refund Mr Chami £3,000.00, and to pay his legal costs in settlement of the claim. Upon consideration of the offer this was accepted to bring the matter to a conclusion.

 Mr.Holman's Road Traffic Accident Case

"I am extremely delighted with the result of my case and the fact I have recovered well over half of my success fee from Lyons Davidson. The process since instructing has been hassle free, I received clear, honest communication and advice and secured a better result than I had hoped for. Overall, I have been provided with an excellent service"

Mr.Holman, on receiving his refund

Mr Holman's road traffic accident claim concluded for compensation in the sum of £23,500, however deductions were made from his damages to pay his solicitor's success fee of £4526.25 and an ATE premium of £840.00

Mr Holman, from Leysdown-on-Sea, kindly provided us with a full set of documents that he had kept during the lifetime of his claim, including the "no win no fee" retainer documents that are vital to us in assessing whether or not a client may be entitled to a refund.

Kerry-Anne Moore, Costs Lawyer who represented both Mr Chami and Mr Holman in these cases, held the view that the no win no fee paperwork expressly limited the costs that Lyons Davidson Solicitors could charge Mr Holman to no more than what they could recovered from the opponent. As a consequence, any success fee payable by the client should be based upon those costs.

Lyons Davidson made an offer to immediately refund £2,000.00 to Mr Holman inclusive of his legal costs.

This offer was rejected by the Claimant. However shortly later there was a further all-inclusive offer of £3200.00 that was made by Lyons Davidson.

An agreement was subsequently concluded for Mr Holman to be refunded £3350.00, plus the legal costs of his case.

Kerry-Anne Moore said -

"It was a pleasure to represent both Mr Holman and Mr Chami in recovering some of the success fee that they paid to Lyons Davidson Solicitor. Many personal injury law firms still continue to rely upon charging a 100% success fee in all of their cases, where the actual risk involved is considerably less. We will continue to help anyone who has concerns about being overcharged by any personal injury Solicitor and provide a vital service to both former and current clients of the legal industry"

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