Double Settlement of Success Fee Refunds for Former St Helens Law Clients


"Fast and hassle free, a couple of questions then they do the rest. Thank you"

Mr.Nutton, on receiving his refund

We have successfully represented two clients in obtaining refunds on their legal fees that they paid following personal injury compensation claims.

Mr Edwards and Mr Nutton, from Prescot and St Helens, contacted us in 2020 seeking advice on the fees that they had paid to St Helens Law following road traffic accident compensation claims. 

Mr Nutton's claim had settled for £3250.00 and he had had £812.50 deducted, whilst Mr Edward's claim had settled for £3505.00 with a 25% deduction amounting to £876.25.

Pre-issue offers were made for refunds to Mr Edwards and Mr Nutton, based upon reducing St Helens Law's basic charges (claimed at over £1500.00 plus VAT in both matters) to the much lower fixed costs recovered from the third-party insurer. These offers were made reflecting our views that the retainer that both clients had entered into was a "CFA Lite", which restricts any basic charges to the amount recoverable from the opponent.

These offers were not accepted by St Helens Law and therefore proceedings under s70 Solicitors Act 1974 were necessary in order to protect our Client's right to assessment.

Proceedings were issued by the Court and shortly after directions were agreed between the parties setting out how the cases would be managed by the parties and the court.

Shortly afterwards, St Helens Law appointed a representative to act on their behalf, who made an offer on their behalf to pay refunds to both of our clients. An agreement was reached to refund Mr Edwards £531.25, and Mr Nutton £512.50, plus their legal costs.

"Fantastic professional service. I was unaware that a previous solicitor overcharged me for their services and was surprised by how quick the claim was dealt with. Definitely worth pursuing and I can't recommend this company's services highly enough."

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