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Firms refunding clients because of "overcharging" lawyer

AW_9195-1600x1067 Two Chicago Firms Refunding Clients

​Although the article, which you can read in full below, concerns US Law firms, it provides a good example of how excessive legal fees can be charged in any case because of the focus on time-based billing and billing targets.

If you have concerns that you have been overcharged, get in touch.

"For the days that [he] felt he had not recorded sufficient time on client matters, he increased the time he claimed to have spent on those matters based on a number of factors, including his assessment of the likelihood that the client would object to the time he recorded.

As an example, if [he] spent 0.3 hours on a client matter, he would record that he had actually spent 0.5 hours, or he would bill 2.1 hours for work that actually took him 1.7 hours to complete."

Complaint filed with the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission
Solicitor who took £1 million from clients jailed

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