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How do I know if I have been overcharged for a success fee in a Road Traffic Accident case?

Here are the 10 signs that you should look out for - if you tick one or more of these you may have been overcharged and may be entitled to a refund

  1. You've had a Road Traffic Accident case which began after 1st April 2013
  2. You entered into a "no win, no fee agreement"
  3. You were told at the outset that you would have 25% (or any precise % figure) deducted from your compensation in respect of legal fees
  4. You did have precisely 25% (or any precise % figure) deducted from your compensation for legal fees
  5. You didn't receive a properly detailed bill for all of the costs at the time the case concluded [that is a bill showing what had been deducted from your compensation and the amounts that the solicitors had received from the other side – it would be rare to have received one of these so, if you are unsure, you can reasonably assume that you did not, and we can check]
  6. You instructed your solicitors following a cold call from an accident company or claims management company
  7. Your solicitors were recommended by an accident company, or you were referred to them by an accident company
  8. You paid an "After the Event" insurance premium or an amount for an insurance premium was deducted from your damages
  9. You went through one of the "helpline" type adverts or websites rather than going direct to a solicitor
  10. You instructed a firm of solicitors against whom a win is recorded on our website

If you tick any of the above you can start your claim online here and we will investigate whether or not you have a claim on a full "no win, no fee" basis.

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