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Keith Smart & Co : Solicitor struck off for overcharging in probate cases

Another unfortunate example of gross overcharging in probate cases, which stresses the importance of clients or beneficiaries ensuring that they have sight of the solicitor's statute bill, which should be in a form that enables them to satisfy themselves that what has been charged for legal fees is reasonable

Mark Carlisle, Director,

Keith Smart, who qualified in 1979, operated as a sole practitioner at Keith Smart & Co in Cwmbran.

By an Order of 22nd May 2019 he was struck off following admissions that he had overcharged in a number of probate cases.

Some of the amounts overcharged are eye-watering :

Case ​Amount Billed (excluding VAT) ​True Amount (inc VAT and disbursements) ​Overcharge
​CM ​£40,066.66 ​£4,057.50 ​£36,009.16

 A full copy of the decision is available below.

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