Michael Lewin Solicitors Limited, Leeds : £900 refunded to clients in respect of two road traffic accident cases

Geoff and Elaine Marriott had a road traffic accident on 3rd May 2016. Their vehicle was stationery at traffic lights when a car behind them failed to stop and drove into the rear of their vehicle. Both Geoff, who was driving, and passenger Elaine suffered whiplash injuries.

They were referred to Michael Lewin Solicitors of Leeds and entered into "no win, no fee" agreements in September 2016. Just two months later the cases, which were very straightforward, had settled for damages of £1,800 each.

From each settlement Michael Lewin (who had already received the maximum payment of fixed costs under the rules from the guilty driver's insurers) deducted a total of £648, leaving Elaine and Geoff with just £1,152 each.

We started work in January of this year and immediately took the view that the Marriotts had been overcharged. Michael Lewin were entitled to make some deduction from Elaine and Geoff's compensation, but what they had taken was too much.

By June were able to obtain a refund of £450 each for Geoff and Elaine, with Micheal Lewin Solicitors Limited paying our fees, so that the Marriotts receive their refunds in full.

 Have you been represented in an accident claim by Michael Lewin Solicitors? If so you may also be entitled to a refund.

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