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Our Mark Carlisle speaks to the Mail on Sunday about impending personal injury reforms

This is an absolute game-changer. I think the so-called whiplash claims will plummet.

We're certainly not ones to automatically defend the personal injury claims industry but I do have a concern that there will be less access to justice for people needing to make genuine lower value road traffic accident personal injury claims. Having to prepare medical reports isn't necessarily an easy task.

This is a huge victory for the insurance industry who has been lobbying the Government hard and will now have to pay out a lot less money on RTA personal injury claims. It'll be interesting to see if premiums go down.

Mark Carlisle, 19th April 2020 - for the full article click the link below

Compensation for whiplash claims to be slashed | Daily Mail Online

Legal reforms introduced this summer mean the value of pay-outs will decrease significantly - while making it difficult for crash victims to find a no win, no fee solicitor to take on their case.
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