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Probate Legal Fees

Here at we don't only deal with success fee refund cases but a wide range of legal fee disputes.

Under s71 solicitors act 1974 where a person other than a party chargeable with a solicitors bill for the purposes of s70 has paid or is liable to pay a solicitors bill they are also able to seek assessment of the bill by applying to the High Court for assessment by a High Court Judge (formerly known as taxation).

For example, in probate matters there may be a number of beneficiaries who stand to receive a financial award from the deceased's estate but the executor may be a bank or solicitor appointed by the estate. The award may be diminished due to excessive legal fees being taken in dealing with the administration of the estate but even in circumstances where the beneficiaries are not the client of the solicitors firm, as a party liable to pay fees even by way of deduction from an award, they are still entitled to receive a final statute bill which they can jointly (or individually) challenge by way of assessment/taxation. Not all beneficiaries need to bring the claim however any benefit from a deduction in legal fees must be apportioned to each beneficiary accordingly.

Not many people in this situation know that they can challenge the legal fees as the solicitors usually just send a final statement of account showing the deductions once the case has ended.

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