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Stacey Gill -v- Your Law LLP : Success Fee Refunds of £1,771.25 following a Road Traffic Accident Claim

Applying the success fee % to damages, as Your Law LLP did, rather than costs is a fundamental misunderstanding of how success fees should actually work.

Stacey had been involved in a road traffic accident on 1st May 2018 and instructed Your Law LLP 2 days later.

On 8th November 2019, when settlement offers were being discussed, Stacey complained about Your Law's services, including a complaint about the fees that they proposed deducting.

Your Law responded on 11th November 2019 saying that the success fee was contractual. They sent a further response on 17th December 2019, again refusing to do anything about fees other than offering a token reduction of £100.

In December 2019 Stacey's claim settled for £9,213.84 with Your Law deducting £2,303.46 for success fees and £207.20 for an "After the Event" insurance policy. They did not send Stacey a "statute bill" showing clearly what had been deducted and how it had been calculated.

We contacted Your Law on behalf of Stacey on 10th January 2020. By 23rd January they admitted that they had got the success fee calculation wrong and agreed to immediately refund £491.25, which they duly did, and sent a "statute bill" showing how the new reduced success fee of 15% had been calculated.

At the same time they offered to refund a further £724.89. This was rejected because they had applied the 15% success fee not to their own costs, but to the damages figure.

We issued proceedings on behalf of Stacey on 24th January 2020 and on 20th February 2020 Your Law offered to refund a further £1,280, which was duly accepted. has to be the most professional, honest and friendly company to work with in circumstances where things can feel very stressful. The process itself from start to finish has been amazing and quick, leaving me with my legal fee refund in full! I cannot thank the team enough and will enjoy spending my refund on a much needed holiday 

Stacey Gill, 12th March 2020

Stacey has received her refunds in full without any deduction and all of our costs will be met by Your Law LLP.

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