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Probate Legal Fees

Here at we don't only deal with success fee refund cases but a wide range of legal fee disputes. Under s71 solicitors act 1974&nb...

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Erlam v Edmonds Marshall McMahon Limited : Court finds entitlement to assessment of what the solicitors had argued were "interim statute bills" and therefore out of time for assessment

We are really pleased to be able to publish the approved transcript of this judgment, given by Master Brown in the Senior Courts Costs Office in&...

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Just because your solicitors say it is too late to challenge their bill, don’t take their word for it

The solicitors argued that the client was largely out of time to challenge bills

Masters v Charles Fussell & Co LLP [2021] EWHC B1 (Costs) (11 January 2021) See the full judgment here

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Darren Couzens -v- R J Gill Solicitors : refund of £480 success fee following a "Public Liability" accident claim in 2014

It is not only Road Traffic Accident cases in which success fee refunds are available

A "public liability" claim usually refers to the following types of accident claim - Slips, trips and falls caused by potholes, dangerous footpaths an...

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Nigel Allison -v- Garvins LLP : Refund of £833.10 Success Fee

Nigel's claim settled in just over a month

The companies I've had to deal with this past year regarding my insurance claim would I believe benefit massively by learning from your direct, h...

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