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The Legal Ombudsman - 14 month delays

The Legal Ombudsman scheme was set up under The Legal Services Act 2007 to regulate the legal sector and to investigate complaints from consumers.

Unfortunately, consumers are currently being told they may have to wait 14 months to have their complaints simply opened let alone investigated, and this is despite an increase in the Ombudsman's annual budget.


LeO complaints delay now 14 months | News | Law Gazette

New head of the Legal Complaints Service Paul McFadden makes fresh pledge to tackle delays.

The dilemma for the consumer is either to wait an unacceptable amount of time for the Legal Ombudsman to even open a file, or find an alternative way to have the complaint resolved.

If the complaint relates to fees or success fees charged following a Road Traffic Accident, Accident at Work, Divorce, Employment, Probate, or indeed whatever the type of legal matter then the alternative is who can seek to secure a refund. Check out our wins in various types of case by heading to the "wins" section of the blog.

Regardless of the type of legal matter you have been involved in we can check to see if you have been overcharged. Just click on the main logo at the top of this page to select your case type.

Probate solicitor struck off after charging eight ... reaches £1 million in refunds...

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