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Vernon -v- Garvins LLP : refunds for clients of £1,472.73 from legal fees deducted following a road traffic accident

Mr and Mrs.Vernon were involved in a road traffic accident in October 2016 and instructed Garvins Law, who obtained compensation for them via the RTA portal, but deducted fees of £1,720.50 from their damages when the claims settled in January 2018.

The Vernons instructed us in September 2018 and, having obtained copies of relevant papers from Garvins along with a "statute bill" for each case, proceedings were issued in December 2018 under s.70 Solicitors Act 1974.

Within a short space of time, and following the Court making an order in February providing for assessment of their fees, we have been able to resolve the matter with Garvins refunding a total of £1,472.73 and paying the Vernons' costs of the proceedings.

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