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Law firm ordered to deliver final bill in fixed-costs case - Litigation Futures

Pleased that another one of our cases has been picked up by the legal press.“If the defendant, as it does, claims the right to retain all of the money...

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Firm ordered to deliver new costs bill to Tower Hamlets campaigner | News | Law Society Gazette

The Law Society Gazette reports on the case in which we represented Mr.Erlam.

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The Law Society Gazette recognises the rights of our clients to question their legal fees

PI firms must answer this: if injured claimants deserved access to justice for one grievance, why should they be denied access when they want to pursu...

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Swain -v- JC & A Solicitors : The Law Society Gazette reports on the case that featured here on 31st January

Judgment comes after firm charged £250 an hour for work on a claim where liability was not disputed.

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Our Mark Carlisle writes in the Law Society Gazette

PI solicitors who simply ignore the contractual terms of business and simply deduct 25% of damages come what may must be brought to account.

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