Another one of our cases makes the National Legal Press

andy-erlam Court orders solicitors to deliver a fresh bill to Andy Erlam

We are pleased that the case in which we represent Andy Erlam against his former solicitors Richard Slade and Company Plc has made the Law Society Gazette.

In commenting to the Gazette the firm complains about the judgment saying that the client was heavily out of time, and  "Either we have time limits and other rules or we don't". That rather misses the point of the judgment. There are indeed other rules, one of which is that until a compliant bill is delivered to the client, the time limits under the Act do not begin to run. That was at the root of this decision. The solicitors had not delivered a compliant bill and they were ordered to do so. Time for challenging will run from the date upon which it is delivered.

Have you seen us in the National Press?
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