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How much do we really get in refunds and savings?

On the home page of our website there is a running total of the amounts of savings or refunds that we have achieved for our clients. since we first started. 

As of today the total is £1,727,675.24 from 771 cases.

It might be helpful however to see how that breaks down between different types of legal work, because we have complaints from clients about potential overcharging not just in "whiplash" claims, but on everything from commercial litigation to probate and divorce.

 Accident and Injury Claims

Total refunds / savings Numbers Average refund / saving
Road Traffic Accident £719,266.98 646 £1,113.72
Employers Liability£99,783.2689£1,121.76
Public Liabilty£35,110.1521£1,671.91
Clinical Negligence£25,153.079£2,794.79
Industrial Disease£2,000.002£1,000.00

Other types of legal work

Total refunds / savings Numbers Average refund / saving
General litigation £124,867.36 11 £11,351.58
Commercial Litigation£398,989.092£199,494.55
Divorce / Family£23,882.923£7,960.97
Regulatory proceeedings£201,915.281£201,915.28
Housing Disrepair£1,811.632£905.82

 The average savings do not, of course, necessarily mean that you have been overcharged by that amount - or any amount - if you have paid legal fees in a particular case type,  but they do show that it is not only personal injury work that might involve excessive legal fees.

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