Mr F v Paul Crowley & Co Solicitors, Liverpool - £3,025.00 refund

Success-fee-refund Legal fees refund of £3,025 following an accident at work claim

Very professional. Easy to apply for. Quick response. Always notified of what stage the claim is at. SUCCESSFUL. Thanks again team. Much appreciated especially at the time of need.

Mr.F - Liverpool, 15/10/20

Mr F approached in March 2020 seeking representation in assessing the legal fees that he paid to his former Solicitors, Paul Crowley & Co, based in Liverpool, following an accident at work claim.

After writing to Paul Crowley and Co seeking the file of papers belonging to Mr F, we were delivered a statute bill addressed to Mr F. 

This bill allowed us to provide Mr F advice as to whether or not he was overcharged.

Upon the review of the bill and the paperwork that Mr F had signed, it became apparent that the explanation of how Mr F would be charged was not compliant with how a Conditional Fee Agreement should operate.

We made an offer on Mr F's behalf for a full refund, totalling £3025.00. 

Paul Crowley & Co subsequently wrote back to us disagreeing with our comments made surrounding Mr F's initial agreement, however on what they described as a "commercial basis" offered to refund Mr F £3025.00 in full and final settlement of his claim.

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