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Foster v Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors : 84% of Legal Fees Returned to Client Following Road Traffic Accident

Refund "Such a small investment in time, justice done"

A former client of a Macclesfield personal injury firm Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors has been refunded £749.00 in legal fees after instructing to represent her in assessing paid legal fees.

Miss Foster was deducted £1254.56 from her compensation by Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors, with £884.75 being payment of her Solicitor's "success fee" and payment of an After the Event Insurance premium of £369.81. 

We subsequently wrote to Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors requesting the delivery of a statute bill outlining the full breakdowns of specific charges made to Miss Foster in her claim. 

Upon receipt of the statute bill, Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors enclosed a cheque for £704.00 in settlement of her claim, allowing for a significant reduction in the success fee percentage initially charged to Miss Foster. 

We considered that Miss Foster was perhaps entitled to more of a refund that offered by Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors, and wrote back to them confirming this. 

An agreement was shortly reached after confirming that a refund of £749.75 would be paid to Miss Foster in settlement of her legal fees claim.

I got a letter from the solicitor who had dealt with my personal injury claim and I couldn't understand why 12 months after everything was sorted they would be contacting me. I did an internet search and discovered that had successfully won a case against my solicitor for overcharging.

I contacted Check My Legal Fees and it was a simple case of filling in the form, sending in the documents from the original case and waiting a few weeks. They managed to recover a significant portion of what I was deducted by my former Solicitor. Such a small investment in time, justice done.

Aside from the 'win' the customer service is brilliant. Personable staff, courteous and supportive. Can't thank them enough. If you have had any personal injury claim, I highly recommend you give them a call.

Miss Foster
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